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Looking for a way to keep your child entertained and engaged? Look no further than the Patel Paradise Slime Kit!

This fun and creative kit includes everything your child needs to create their own slime, including three different colors of slime, candy figurines, colored foam balls, and clay mix-ins. The soft, stretchy, and fluffy texture of this slime is perfect for sensory play as well as being a great material for popping bubbles.

With this kit, your child will have hours of fun while also gaining important developmental benefits like improved attention span and creativity.


So let your child's imagination run wild with the Pastel Paradise Slime Kit!



Benefits of Slime play:

Slime Increases Your Child’s Ability to Pay Attention

Stimulates your senses

It's Creative

Reduces stress & anxiety

It promotes mindfulness

It helps children learn to focus

It encourages independent playtime


The texture of this slime is a soft, stretchy & fluffy. This slime is great for sensory play as well as being a great texture for inflation and popping bubbles.


This kit Includes:

•3x 150g slimes

•Assorted pastel figurines (OUT OF STOCK WILL BE REPLACED)

•Mix-ins, Coloured foam balls & craft

•Clay mix in



* Colour and theme of the kit will remain the same, however, the figurines and add ins may vary slightly depending on availability and will be replaced by something of equal or higher value.


Please note:To keep your slime at its best, please keep in their air tight jars when not in use.



Small parts, Choking hazard for small children

Pastel paradise