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How to Care for your Slime


To keep your slime as good as new, always wash and dry your hands before playing. Be sure to play with your slime on a clean, dry & non-porous surface!

Don’t forget to close it back in its jar or in an air-tight container when you're done so it doesn't dry out.

Remember, the more you play with slime, the softer it will become, so if your slime seems too firm at first, don't worry it will loosen up as it warms in your hands.

Slime can also become sticky over time, especially in hot weather, if it has been left in the sun or if it has been sitting for a long time untouched. Don't worry, this is fixable! Simply add some of our activator one drop at a time until the slime is at the desired texture. Be careful not to use too much at once.

All of our slimes include an activator bottle for free for you to use! 


If you have any questions please contact us directly at

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